Pam has been working her tail off the last 7 months! During our intro session, we talked about how she was ready to put herself first to better her health and fitness.

Her goals were initially to run 1 mile and do 1 push-up. Within weeks of being with us, her goals changed: complete 10 burpees, and to arrive with her head held high and like she’s entering a community where she belongs. It didn’t take long for the latter to become true. As for the former, Pam worked on sets of burpees every day at home until they started to feel comfortable.

Seven months in, at our most recent Goal Review Session, We talked about new goals! Pam has a plan ready to roll out to put her Nutrition in the forefront.

In the meantime, let’s give 11 HIGH FIVES To Pam, each one representing either a pound of added muscle, or a pound of released body fat!


Keep it up Pam!

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