How CrossFit Coaching will Help your Teen

I’d argue that getting your teen involved in fitness classes is one of the most important things you can do for you kid.  

The life-altering potential for learning and establishing healthy habits is incalculable to their future self.  

All gyms are not equal though when it comes to teenagers.

I think there’s immense value in having a Coach, ESPECIALLY for this age group. 

Just like a football team, or a swim team, or ANY team in high school, it’s best to have the guidance of an experienced professional.  This is proven.

You wouldn’t just send your teen to the ice rink with a bunch of other teens for hockey practice.  That’d be a disaster.  The potential for injury would be high, and would they execute practice in a way to develop their skills and teamwork, let alone values?  Unlikely!

So why would you send your teen to a gym with an open model?

Choose CrossFit Torque – a place where our Coaches will take care of your Teen.

people working out in a group fitness class


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