It's the little things …. deloading the bar

It’s the little things …


“Save the barbells!”

Okay maybe you’ve never heard a coach proclaim this out-loud from across the room, but know we all think it when we hear that barbell drop to the ground. The coaches joke that a little tiny part of Amanda’s soul dies when she hears an [empty] barbell drop to the floor.
Here’s some advice from someone who has been CrossFitting for a while now….make it easy on yourself, when taking weight off the bar, squat down and pull the weights towards your body. Don’t stand over the barbell and try to push the weight away from you.
Once we master this concept, let’s make sure the barbell doesn’t slam to the ground. These barbells are nice to you when you throw it up over head during the snatch, let’s be nice to them when taking the weight off.  Just as you get that last plate to the end of the bar, take one hand and hold the bar so once that plate is off, we can gently place the barbell on the ground.
The barbell has feelings. It will remember how nice you were to it.

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