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 Member since July 25, 2016

 “I’ve had the opportunity to coach Laura at Torque on a consistent basis these past few months. She is a dedicated 5 am-er who brings more than just humor to the class. She takes every cue given and works hard to apply them to each and every class she is in. Her hard work has paid off by yielding noticeable gains in both skill and strength. She also goes over and above within the community and is part of organizing Friday night events.  So if you have FOMO(fear of missing out), shoot her a Facebook message and see when the next fun thing is happening here at Torque!  She is a bright spot in our 5 am crew!”

-Coach Sara

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I dislike cilantro, goat cheese, and IPAs, and I was doing puzzles long before puzzles were cool. My husband and I share a house surrounded by woods in Norfolk with a rambunctious bull terrier named Maddie. In the summer months, you’ll often find me trimming trees, weeding, and spraying poison ivy. In any other month, you will probably find me watching reruns of shows I’ve already watched, likely claiming “I hate this episode!” seconds before cracking up at a joke I’ve had memorized for years.

Being told what to do and how to do it was the only way I was going to get out of my cardio-only routine. I went to the initial class with Amanda because I was told I absolutely had to try it out (thanks, Barnet!) but I knew before I left that I was going to sign up. I recall watching a member do bar muscle-ups while looking nothing at all like the CrossFit stereotype that I had in my head, while fun music was blasting. While I was quite hesitant to actually go try it out, I don’t think I hesitated at all in signing up once I saw the gym and met Amanda.

Accountability is key, and I get all sorts of accountability at Torque. That could be a text from Chris checking in if I haven’t been to the gym in a while, a message from a coach saying they’ve missed me, or group chats with my normal workout buddies to find out when they’ll see me that week. With that accountability comes camaraderie and community. I love the relationships I’ve built over the years with all of the coaches and other members. It may be a struggle to wake up for my typical 5 am class time but it is always, always worth it once I wake up enough to start laughing with the other early risers. I appreciate being held accountable if I’m not showing up to the gym, but on the flip side, I also get support if I’m not going because of a family emergency, an injury, a tough work schedule, etc etc.

I cannot choose one single accomplishment! Just recently I used the 53# kettlebell for Russian swings for the first time, which was a proud moment for sure. Receiving a Spirit of the Open award this year made my heart happy. And climbing to the top of the rope for the first time was both terrifying and thrilling. I’m also proud of myself anytime Coach Sara tells me to go heavier with a movement, because I know if she’s telling me that she knows 100% that I’m capable of doing it and doing it safely. Oh, and on a similar note, I get a thrill every time someone says I had a part in them grabbing a heavier weight (or perhaps I brought them the heavier weight without giving them a choice).

Putting in work outside of class times is such a hard thing to make myself do. There are so many things I could do in front of the TV that would help in the gym. Pushups, planks, stretching, sitting in the bottom of a squat…little things make a world of difference. But as I mentioned accountability is crucial. I’ve got a great basement setup from the year+ of Zoom classes that I participated in, but it sits sad and lonely these days. I’d also like to get back into running. It’s something I used to really enjoy and I miss those happy miles outside on my own! I ran (/walked) a full marathon just a few months before joining CFT, and completed a half-marathon with fellow athlete Erin, but have yet to build back up to a consistent habit.

Dumbbell snatches, sled pushes, and double-unders are some of my favorite movements. And if I’m going to be using a bar, give me a deadlift, please. I’ve done the 12 Days of Christmas WOD many times over the years, so that’s one specific workout that gets me excited.

Try your hardest to set aside any assumptions about what CrossFit is like. You are not going to be surrounded by people who are intense and competitive and unfriendly. You will not be pushed beyond your abilities. You will not be holding anyone back during a partner workout. You will not be forced to eat Paleo or Keto. You WILL be supported and cheered on and offered many different options for movements that don’t work for you. When you go regularly your coaches will get to know you as an individual, and that relationship will ensure you’re safe and happy but also pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone.

I’d love to be able to go back in time, even for just a few minutes. Tell the funny joke, give the stranger a compliment, ask the important question, take back the angry words, avoid that crack in the sidewalk, and get the dog off the carpet before she throws up….. Possibilities are endless!

My move to Norfolk in 2016 came with a long commute, the responsibility of owning a home for the first time, and no friends or family nearby. That wasn’t an easy transition for me. But I joined CFT and have stayed there for almost 6 years now, which included the quick transition to online classes in 2020 and the eventual return to in-person activity in 2021. On the surface, I’m amazed I jumped into something so quickly and stuck with it for so long, but I was introduced to CrossFit Torque at the absolute perfect time (again, thanks Barnet!) I am beyond thankful I was able to find a community of people so soon after I moved to the area.

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