Lurong Living Essential Supplement

Lurong Living Essential

You’ve heard us talk about it before. You’ve met Russ from Lurong Living. Now let’s learn a little bit more from one of our own athletes!

*Update: Jaclyn has now been taking these for over 9 months and swears by them; wouldn’t miss a day of taking them!*
Here is Jaclyn’s Story:

“I really do think the Lurong supplement is working well for me. I’ve been taking one pill in the morning and one at night for about seven weeks.
Recovery time is much better.
My muscles haven’t really been sore the day after a workout. I haven’t gotten sick either, and a lot of people around me have been sick over the past couple of weeks.
I think the most improvement I’ve seen is a reduction in joint pain.
I’ve dealt with the effects of Lyme disease for four years and the daily pain it causes in my hands, wrists, hips, and knees.  Which bothered me even more after working and working out.  I was wearing wrist braces to bed a couple of times a week and I’ve only worn them once in seven weeks! My Lyme usually cycles about every four weeks… I would be on the couch for two to three days barely able to move from pain, exhaustion, and I was freezing. It hasn’t happened since I started taking the supplement.
I’m definitely going to keep taking it!
Thanks for introducing me to this!”
We are pumped for Jaclyn – to be in less pain and discomfort daily is an amazing thing!
We have bottles here at Torque available for purchase for $35 cash. To learn more about the details of how and why it works, check here out:
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