Monthly Challenge: September Double-Unders

Monthly Challenge!

September: Double-Unders

Our goal is for you to improve your double-unders! Each day there will be a new goal depending on what level you fall into! 

There are 3 levels to choose from to accommodate everyone, no matter where you are in your double-under journey! Your coach might also extend an individualized challenge for you, depending on some of the current habits you might have.
Level 1: Increase by 10 reps daily. Your extended challenge – go unbroken on your goal, and or as few sets as you can. Day 6 should be 60 double-unders; and by Sept 30 your goal is 300.
Level 2: Increase by 5 reps daily. Your extended challenge – if you’re stuck with single – single – double, go for two double-unders, or that third; Break that habit.
Level 3: Practice your jump rope for 8 minutes daily. Get in at least 40 double-under attempts within that time frame. If we don’t try, we won’t succeed.
There is a calendar at the gym (see photo below) for you to mark you name down in a level, and then each day you complete your task, add your initials. The overall goal is for you to improve your double-unders, and the only way that will happen is if you practice daily: so make that your personal challenge: do this EVERY day in the month of September.
Also, make sure to stretch and smash out your calves daily. Keep them loose and agile during this challenge. The volume will add up quickly during this month, so please take care of your body before and after your double-under work. Take a look at this video, or any of Kelly Starrett’s videos!
Head to JumpNrope’s website to check out more: set-up, jump rope selection, faults & fixes, and sizing.
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