My CrossFit Lifestyle… A Cautionary Tale

My CrossFit Lifestyle… A Cautionary Tale

I’ve been working out at CrossFit Torque since February 13th of 2014 (Wow! 4 years! My how time flies!)

I work out pretty consistently 3x/ week at 4:00pm.  On days when I don’t want to go I take solace that the relationships I have built with my peers will get me through.  They provide the external motivation that I need.

I’ve lost a bit of weight (and probably gained most of it back).

I feel great after every workout.

I like to lift weights.

I hate to do Burpees (I think Burpees hate when I do them).

Now the cautionary part ….

If I looked forward more to the start of the Open then taco Tuesday I’d be in better shape.

If I worked as hard on my double unders as I did on Bingo I’d be all set.

If I drank as much water as I do Diet Pepsi I’d float away.

If I ever chose a salad over a tater tot those rope climbs would be a bit easier.

This is my tale … working out is awesome – but lifestyle changes are key!

Jane Tough Mudder
-Karen S.

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