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Personal Training in a Group Setting?

Here at CrossFit Torque we pride ourselves on genuinely caring for each of our members.

We have been working hard together behind the scenes coming up with better ways to serve our current and future members. We came to the conclusion that in order for our members to reach their goals faster, they would need personalized attention in a more private setting.

We can accomplish so much more in this scenario. But wait – we are humans who innately have the need and want to be around other people.

So how can we solve this?

Torque’s Semi-Private Sessions.

Individualized Attention and Exercises progressively provided to reach goals faster.

Workouts alongside other members who are also determined to reach their goals.

Flexibility in scheduling.

Let’s dive in a bit more:

  1. Balanced Individualization and Community Support: Semi-private training strikes a balance between the individualized attention found in one-on-one personal training and the communal atmosphere of group classes. While the coach can still offer personalized guidance and tailor exercises to each participant, the presence of others fosters a sense of camaraderie and motivation. This setting can be particularly effective for clients who benefit from both personal attention and the encouragement of peers.
  2. Enhanced Flexibility and Dynamic Environment: Similar to personal training, semi-private sessions offer more flexibility than larger group classes, as they cater to a smaller number of clients. This smaller group size allows for a more dynamic and responsive training environment. Coaches can adjust the session based on the individual’s collective energy and needs, offering a more personalized experience than a standard group class, yet retaining the communal energy that can be motivating and enjoyable.
  3. Focus on Specific Goals with Shared Learning: In a semi-private setting, each client may have their own specific goals, and the coach can design a program that addresses these varied objectives within the group dynamic. We have members who are looking for overall increase in health; weight loss; muscle gain; and to slow down aging. This approach not only allows for focused goal-oriented training but also enables clients to learn from each other’s experiences and challenges. Seeing peers tackle similar exercises or overcome obstacles can be inspiring and educational, offering different perspectives and strategies that might not be as apparent in a one-on-one setting.

Semi-private training thus combines the best of both worlds: the customization and detailed guidance of personal training with the motivational and social aspects of group classes. It’s an excellent choice for those who enjoy a more intimate setting while still wanting a training program that acknowledges and works towards their individual fitness goals.

Want to know more about our semi-private schedule? email us or schedule a phone call today!

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