Principles of Nutrition, Part 1

Our staff spends a lot of time educating ourselves on Nutrition and ways to help our members.

Our nutritional beliefs have not changed much over the years.

The below are the underlying physiological and psychological truths that determine nutrition success (be it in weight, health or performance). And when you understand these basic principles of nutrition well, your confusion will fade away.

These are not in any particular order. Below are the first few.

The quantity of food you eat (in calories) determines your total body weight.

There is a certain amount of food your body needs to survive and thrive based on things like age, sex, genetics, and activity (this is a big one). This total amount of food is measured in calories (which is why every food is labeled with such).

If you eat more than your caloric need, you gain weight; if you eat less than your caloric need, you lose weight. Yes, it’s really that simple.

The quantity of food you eat (in macronutrients “macros”) determines your body composition.

Weight is the number you see on the scale; body composition is how much of that number is muscle versus fat.

Macronutrients are another way to describe quantity: macronutrients are significant sources of CALORIES to the diet. We know them as Protein, Fat and Carbohydrates. (Micronutrients also have calories, but are not typically consumed in ‘significant’ enough amounts calorically).

The body uses the macronutrients differently, so by controlling intake in terms of macronutrients (instead of just calories), we have better control over body composition changes (i.e., fat loss vs. weight loss).

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