Shop the Perimeter!

Going to the food store can be a daunting and overwhelming task for some.
Especially now, where we are supposed to only go down aisles one way and if we
forget something then we have to go all the way back to get it!
Aside from that, there are SO many food items available to the consumer now which
meals there are so many food labels to read. How do you know what is actually a
good product and which are marketed to be “healthy” so that you buy it.
I’ll take most of the guesswork out for you. Have you every heard the phrase “shop
the perimeter?”
Think about the perimeter of the food store. Typically you have your produce (fruits
and veggies), the meat and seafood section, the dairy section and then some stores
have the bread aisle very close to the end.
MOST of your food should come from the perimeter. These are typically whole foods
that are unprocessed. MOST of the food items in the middle are packaged and
processed foods that don’t offer us as much nutrition.
Of course you may need to purchase salad dressing, rice, baking supplies or
applesauce in the middle aisles but the majority of your food shopping should come
from the perimeter.
The next time you go to the food store I want you to be mindful and really take note
of where the bulk of your food is being purchased! It’s also a great exercise to see
how much of your diet contains WHOLE and UNPROCESSED foods. What do I mean
by that? Aim for more fresh fruits and vegetables and less packaged items.
How much should be from the perimeter?
I would suggest you aim for 75-80% of your groceries to be from the perimeter!

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