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Lynn Colvin’s progress videos, photos and increased front squat weight are all proof that being consistent, committing to getting stronger and holding yourself accountable in your training pays dividends.  Lynn spent 6 weeks in a program customized to her goals and needs, and was rewarded with a stronger, more stable Back Squat, and what was once a 100lb Front Squat max is now a 125lb Front Squat for 2 reps with room to increase.” -Coach

Want a stronger, deeper, more dominant squat? Maybe it’s not your strength that’s holding you back, but more your weaknesses. 

How is your mobility? 

Do you have tight hips?  Shoulders? Ankles? Upper thoracic? 

Do you “squat better with a little weight”? 

Maybe it’s not your mobility but more your “forgotten” muscles. Turn around and look at your butt, is it where you want it to be strength wise?  No one who squats heavy has a small butt. 

Whatever the case may be, everyone should be able to perform a basic below parallel bodyweight squat.  If you struggle with this, or are looking to put more pounds onto your front or back squat, walk that butt my way.  

A 6 Week program customized to your specific goals. Whether it is to put more weight on that front or back squat, travel into the world of a “below parallel” squat, or to just increase both hip and glute strength, and core strength and stability overall, there is a program designed just for you.  Depending on your mobility we can throw in daily stretching routines to help open up those tight areas too!  

Feel free to reach out to me at so we can start you in the right direction to reach your squat goals.  

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