Support System

“Doing what you love with the ones you love. Thank you❤️🏋🏼‍♂️

-Mom Chris (middle) with daughter Dena and son Justice!
Support Systems lay the foundation for success.
We have a lot of families here at TorqueNation. Mom’s who introduce CrossFit to their kids and teenagers, Husbands who bring their wives, Girlfriends who bring their Girlfriends, Coaches who bring their Grandfathers. We love expanding our family. The bigger the network gets, the more support there is.
Take the above Ciampa family for example. The kids join our Teen program back in November 2014 when they were just 12 (Justice) and 14 (Dena) . After just two months of thoroughly enjoying it, and the non-stop conversation around the dinner table, Mom Christine reached out to join us in January of 2015.
As the years went by, husband and father Frank would come to our community events and fundraisers, participate in the activities and support his family. Dena and Justice grew up through the Teen Program and now both are in our Adult CrossFit classes at the ages of 18 and 20 respectively.
Participating in an activity as a family is the greatest example of unconditional support. Imagine being at home on a hot summer June afternoon around 3:30pm and your son goes “Hey Mom, let’s go workout together at the 4pm class with Dena”. *Cue Heart Melt*
What’s better than doing what you love with the ones you love? 
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