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The smallest muscles sometimes are our greatest assets.

“I touch my toes on a Frankenstein walk”

“I went 3 straight hours driving for Uber yesterday and got out of the car without hunching forward”

“I walked up the porch with the groceries, closed the big door with my foot, and continued up 17 more steps without using the railing!”

This is why we train, this is how we want to improve, and this is why we strive to always get better in every aspect of life.  

Jamal has been with the Torque community for almost 7 years.  Improving upon his mobility has always been on the radar for Jamal.  A faithful 5am-er, Jamal came to realize that his strength and general fitness was being stifled by his need to improve his overall squat and thoracic mobility.  

Jamal approached me 6 weeks ago with the desire to improve his squatting ability.  After discussing with him exactly what I thought he needed, I built a custom 6 week strengthening program based on where his weaknesses were, what his goals were and what we wanted to improve upon.  Jamal held himself accountable with the work that was assigned to him.  He  faithfully committed 10-15 minutes a day, whether it was before or after his group classes, to the exercises and stretching routine that was assigned to him that day.  

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