Welcome Coach Brian!

Entering into my late 40’s, I decided I needed to make a change. I started running in 2012 (one 5K race per month) and began adult high intensity classes in 2013. The gym I attended started a CrossFit program in May 2015 and I decided to put my toes in the water and try it. Enjoying the community, the physical challenge and the mental challenge of CrossFit, I signed up for my first Open the following Spring. When the Open wrapped, I was tired, exhausted, and exhilarated knowing what I had accomplished, what I can do, and what I can improve upon – an inner fire was stoked.
The gym I had attended was ending their CrossFit affiliation, and while they have great programs, I wanted to stick with CrossFit. Following the suggestion of my former coach, I reached out to Amanda and dropped into CrossFit Torque in April 2017 – there’s been no looking back since! The coaches and athletes were welcoming (a shoutout to the 1800 club), the programming excellent and varied – ForeverFit, OCR training ..  but that’s a story for another day. It was at CrossFit Torque that I discovered my passion for CrossFit.
During the Spring of 2019, Amanda opened the opportunity to explore the path to coaching, and in the Summer of 2019, I obtained my CFL1 certificate. My family, the CFT Coaches and fellow athletes supported me through this journey, from waking my wife up at 4am to intern to learning how to use the clock and music at the same time – thank you for the support! I’m super excited to continue to grow as a member of CFT and give back to the community that has helped change my life.
Favorite Workout: Hero workout “Murph” – the camaraderie and support is awesome to see and be a part of class
Favorite Movement: Handstands, burpees and anything with a barbell
Favorite Pandora station: Pop Goes Punk, also various rock and metal stations – something to help push me through a WOD
Brian started coaching for us September 2019.

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