Welcome Coach Cam

Welcome Coach Cam to Team Torque, joining us mid-June and leading the morning classes with pose and experience. Cam has a long CrossFit-background and we are looking forward to him making his mark here at Torque!

Fitness Background: Back in 2012 I started working at the local YMCA in the fitness room for half the year and got into lifting then. I progressed naturally at that facility into CrossFit and getting more interested in functional training. I got my L1 shortly after that and started coaching locally. I’ve coached all over the north shore of MA and southern part of NH as well and have been coaching overall for around 11 years.

My Why: I coach to do as much as I can to help clients and members prolong their well-being into as long as possible. I think CrossFit function as that service to accomplish that to as many people as possible. 

Favorite Workout: I’d have to say a tie between DT and Diane. Lots of barbells and HSPU(which I also love)

Favorite CrossFit Movement: I’d say either push press/push jerk or HSPU – I like the upper body pressing series quite a bit both from a coaching standpoint as well as doing them myself  

Favorite Spotify Station: my go to is a playlist I made called Shwifty (ifkyk) that’s completely comprised of metal/hardcore that I listen to like 99% of the time I’m in the gym  

Favorite thing to do outside of the gym: I like cooking, being with my dog Obie, archery.

If I had a Superpower it would be …. Flight.

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