Welcome Coach Liz!

Welcome to Liz Taber who joins us with lots of coaching experience!

We are super excited to add her to the Team of Coaches who are energetic and motivated to get you (our members) to achieving your goals!

Liz has been coaching for 4.5 years – 3 of which have been in a full-time capacity – that is a LOT of hours!

Liz wanted to become a coach to help people become better versions of themselves and also help women feel more comfortable in the gym setting.

“Some of my proudest accomplishments as a coach is quite simply the satisfaction in seeing how far some of my athletes have come. Most of them started their journey with me without any knowledge of fitness and have really progressed into some awesome athletes. Watching them compete in local competitions, watching them finally getting those more technical lifts or gymnastic movements down is just really awesome to see.”

Liz’s favorite barbell movement is the overhead squat, but her favorite overall movement is the strict handstand push-up. Talk about a well-balanced approach!

Coach Liz wants YOU to give CrossFit a try. If you are interested but hesitant, you just need to schedule a no-sweat intro to come check out Torque: everyone is so welcoming. “There is all levels of fitness in each group class throughout the day so no matter where YOU are, you will feel comfortable.”

Superpower: Ability to Fly!

Welcome to Coach Liz! You can find her at Torque on Wednesday afternoons!

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