What Inspires Me

What Inspires Me

This month (November), we celebrate Jane’s 5th anniversary as an integral part of our #Torquenation family! Through this time, we have seen her and her family exude tremendous strength and resilience during a time of tragedy.  We couldn’t help but want to know what inspires her!

~ Coach Jake

So when asked by Jake to write about what inspires me it really got me thinking about how I got to be where I am in life.
I have been handed some tough blows that’s for sure but I have not let them define me.  So after my husband John died, I said,

“Well that’s it I am the only parent these kids have, so put away the poor me excuses and be a person that they can look up to.”

This of course did not happen overnight but step by step I was bettering myself and the greatest influence on my outlook was CrossFit.
Jane Family PicAt this point in my life, I had been at CrossFit for about 2 years and it was such a relief to walk through those doors and leave all my worries at home.  For that one hour I was working hard and laughing with all my fabulous friends!  These friends I have made at Torque along with Amanda and the rest of the coaching staff will probably never know how much they have helped me.  Slowly but surely I found I was smiling and laughing more than I ever had before.
Jane Tough MudderI am still a work in progress like everyone but I approach life differently than before, I am happy, my kids are happy and they will always be my inspiration in this life.

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