What to Eat Before a Workout

Nutrition plays a key role in achieving better results with your workout, either to achieve greater performance or even shorten recovery periods and minimize muscle damage. 

It is important to consume food before your workout routine, since these nutrients are necessary to have enough energy during this time of exercise, but the results can be better if you know what to eat and how much time in advance. 

What to eat before your workout routine? 


Glucose from carbohydrates is used by muscles as fuel, in the form of glycogen which is stored mainly in the liver and muscles and is the main source of energy during short and high intensity exercise. 


Probably the key in nutrition to improve sports performance and results, consuming protein alone, or together with carbohydrates, increases muscle protein synthesis, in addition to enhancing muscle growth and greater strength or lean body mass, as well as benefiting muscle recovery and performance. 


Contrary to glycogen, which is needed for short, high intensity workouts, fat is the fuel for moderate to low intensity and longer workouts. 

How long should you eat before your workout routine? 

If you are looking to maximize your workout results, you may choose to eat a complete meal with carbohydrates, protein and fat 2 to 3 hours before exercise, such as protein shakes, a cup of oatmeal with banana and almonds or an almond butter sandwich. 

However, if it is not possible for you to eat that long before you start your exercise routine, it is still possible and necessary to eat, but smaller, simpler portions. 

You can eat something 45 to 60 minutes before starting your exercise routine, with easy-to-digest foods, preferring carbohydrates and protein, such as Greek yogurt and fruit, a nutrition bar with protein, or a piece of fruit such as banana, orange or apple. 

-Coach Michelle


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