Why Women Should Lift (Heavy) Weights

Why Women Should Lift (Heavy) Weights

Want to see a positive difference in your strength, muscle tone and life expectancy? We do too.

Women NEED to lift weights.

Here is why we, at CrossFit Torque, suggest women need to be working with a barbell on a regular basis; ditch those 5 lb dumbbells!

  1. Bone Density & Osteoporosis Risks: Women are way more likely than their counterparts to develop osteoporosis later in life. Did you know that? Lucky we know the only buffer against a frail body: Stronger bones. Stronger bones can be developed through resistance training. This is why women need to squat, deadlift, and move heavy weights: bone density will develop and protect us.
  2. Metabolism: It’s known that metabolism will slow as you age. In order to eat calories, you must have muscle. No need to look like a body builder or “jacked”; but in order to get lean and trim, women need more than just ‘cardio’; they need weightlifting.
  3. Abs! Who doesn’t want a solid six pack, or at least visible abs? In order to develop these, we need to go beyond sit-ups: squat and deadlift; practice bracing against loads.
  4. “Dead-butt Syndrome”: it’s a thing. Does anyone suffer from lower back pain? Well, statistically women are more likely to sit at work (than men). Your lower back pain is most likely due to decreased muscular tone in your butt, hamstrings and lower back. Get moving!
  5. Posture: who doesn’t catch themselves pulling their shoulders back into a good position. Nevermind the current temptations of life (texting and typing on a keyboard), as we age our posture will round forward. We can counter-act this process with a strong lower back, hamstrings, glutes & traps. This will keep us out of the ‘hunchback’ position.

Let’s keep our women strong, happy & confident. Let’s lift weights!


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