2022 Foxboro Founders Day

Our mission here at Torque is to be the change for 3500 people in Foxboro and the surrounding areas. (You can read all about it here.)

A few days ago we participated in Foxboro Founders Day, an annual event that is over 50+ years old. Torque had a group of staff and volunteers take the parade route to greet the thousands of those viewing from the streets. Our takeaway for the kiddos: a lollipop with instructions to perform 5 burpees prior to consumption. The message to the adults: our programs to help our youth’s health and fitness.

We’ve been serving Foxboro and the surrounding communities for over 11.5 years and we will continue to #impact the lives of those around us through health and fitness!

Next year: team of Torque members flipping a tire the entire parade route?

2022 Founders Day
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