5+ Years & Going Strong: Robbee & Julie Belcher

Rob & Julie Belcher were the first to join us at CrossFit Torque back in 2011!

Official Start Date: January 8, 2011

Owner & Coach Amanda’s words: Clearly two of the most dedicated members and athletes we have at Torque! Known for always introducing himself to visitors and new members, making them feel instantly welcome! Both are a pleasure to coach every day!
Words from Julie: 
“All day yesterday (after the hardest workout of my life, 16.5 – Thruster and Burpees to Hell and Back) I walked around feeling like a Rock Star! As an “older” member of CFT, I am always confident that the coaches will not only watch my form and remind me to “keep my chest up” and “push out my knees”, but they genuinely care about my ability to succeed. The atmosphere at CFT is a mix of collegiality and professionalism – and LOVE – for fitness, for fun, for family, and for our futures!

Making me stronger one WOD at a time – thank you to the amazing leadership of Amanda Chace and the entire coaching staff at CrossFit Torque.”

Words from Robbee: 
CrossFit Torque is the best!! I was not a weightlifter or a very versatile “athlete” before joining this gym. But their approach to coaching eased me into a fitness level that has exceeded my expectation many times over. The coaching staff is so attentive to make sure that every class attendee is doing the movements correctly and safely.

I have been a member for many years now and it never gets old, and I am actually getting younger ;-).

Feeling young, feeling fit.”
5Year Rob Julie Belcher5Year Robbee

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