A Teen's Thoughts on CrossFit

A Teen’s Thoughts on CrossFit

CrossFit Torque is amazing!  I started working out at CrossFit Torque in the Fall of 2014, wanting to get ready for the track season after soccer ended.

During my first class, I was introduced to pull-ups and dips and absolutely loved the experience – not only were the coaches encouraging, but the other athletes in the teen class were very supportive and hardworking, motivating me to try my best throughout the workout.

Since then, I have continued to attend teen classes on Mondays and Wednesdays whenever I can, mainly between sports seasons at school.
Through attending CrossFit Torque, I definitely have become stronger.  For instance, during the track season I felt very comfortable lifting weights and barbells in the weight room as well as doing push-ups and core exercises at the end of practice.  Overall, I know that each time that I attend class, I am improving some skill and preparing for the next sport season.
CrossFit Torque is not your average gym.  Sure there are still weights, equipment, instructors and pump-up music, but CFT offers so much more.  Each class varies so athletes experience something new every time and can strengthen different muscles, but the core schedule includes a warm up, skill or strength and a workout.  The warm up may involve running, a community game or an obstacle course to name a few examples.  The skill or strength may be a particular movement that athletes work on to find a heavy weight or other exercises such as pull-ups or dips.  CFT offers a variety of workouts including a mixture of running, rowing, biking, jumping, lifting and more, with a new workout every day.

The coaches always review how to properly perform movements and help correct athletes’ form in order to prevent injuries.

I really appreciate how the classes constantly change, preventing any monotony and allowing athletes to be exposed to all that CrossFit has to share.
My favorite aspect of CFT is the sense of community.  As a saying posted in the gym goes

“Crush the workout, Build a community.”

This is definitely the case at CFT – the coaches always combine encouraging words and pump-up music to keep everyone motivated through the  whole class.  Although the workouts are challenging, when everyone cheers each other on it seems like less of an individual endeavor and more of a team conquering the workout as a community.
I am really glad that I decided to come to CrossFit Torque.  I would encourage anyone who is interested to visit because I know that you will love it, too.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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