CrossFitting as a Family

CrossFitting as a Family

How Promoting Fitness with Your Children Breeds Healthy Habits & a Love for Exercise!

In the late fall of 2014, my children had mentioned that they were interested in learning about CrossFit after being exposed to a session that was held at their middle school.

They were searching for a strength and conditioning class that they could participate in between the sport seasons at school.  We explored the area and happily discovered CrossFit Torque.

After speaking with Amanda Chace (the owner), the children immediately began the Teen Classes which are offered twice a week.
My children truly thrive and completely enjoy the workouts.  The patient, knowledgeable, and kind coaches want the teens to achieve great form and develop skills to reach their goals.  My teens are always impressed with what they accomplish at CFT being with the bar, on the rig or climbing the rope for example. Most importantly, what they take with them from CFT is confidence; they are stronger athletes and better people.  They take a positive approach when trying something new.

My son, Justice, says, “CrossFit is like a second family to me, the people that work there are fun and can help with any CrossFit move whether they show me how to properly back squat or how to do a perfect pull up. CrossFit has helped me grow stronger mentally and physically. The only competition is against oneself and the coaches’ help the athletes become the best CrossFitter that they can possibly become”.

As a parent, I truly could not be happier observing my children and their growing passion for CFT.  I began to think more about trying CFT myself, but had some reservations.   Although I have to admit I am consistently in awe at the strength of countless athletes (including the teens) – while they perform handstands, do rope climbs, lift barbells, and jump boxes (12” or 30”), none of it seemed to be for me – it was all so unfamiliar, not one’s typical gym.
However, in February of 2015 I decided to give it a try.  After discussing my concerns, I signed up for the 4 personal training sessions called ‘on-ramp’.  There are many reasons why I was so taken by CFT.  For example, during on-ramp, I was introduced to the jump rope – what a humbling moment.  My coach was profoundly patient with me, introducing techniques to slowing build my confidence.  As I became more familiar with the movements, I ultimately achieved success with jumping rope.

The coach’s ability to take a very inexperienced member to new heights, to work through what was hard and difficult and not to allow me to give up had a profound impact on me and influenced me to sign up.

Additionally, what I found particularly remarkably during the on-ramp session was the education of food that the coaches provided explaining how an individual can quickly improve one’s intake and therefore one’s performance.  CFT wants to help the whole person, sharing knowledge of proper form in the gym and promoting healthy eating habits. The time that was carved out of the ‘on ramp’ to educate the athlete was truly appreciated.

Quickly, I began to see that I too am capable of being a CrossFitter.

As one who has belonged to a regular gym since high school, I am stronger today and more importantly, I am more willing to do things that I probably would have otherwise shied away from such as Zip-lining, horseback riding, or running 5k and 10k’s since that wonderful decision back in February of 2015, to join CFT.  The unique opportunity that CrossFit Torque offers amazes me without fail, from the wide range of workouts to the care that CrossFit Torque takes to design the W.O.D. (workout of the day) which is evident through the different movements, the varied duration of time for each work out and the talented coaching team.
My family and I are incredibly grateful to CrossFit Torque for exposing us to the reality that we are capable of doing way more than we think. It has increased our confidence in and outside of the gym.  Often, I will say ‘thank you’ to my children for introducing me to CrossFit!
Written by our own Christine Ciampa and her two teens, Dena (read Dena’s thoughts here!) and Justice, about how CrossFit Torque has made a positive impact on not just their health and fitness, but their lives as well!

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