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Member Since: July 13, 2020

What made me want to join Torque, is I’ve always had a ‘push for fitness’ and wanted to really challenge myself even more than I have before and I knew CrossFit Torque would be a good spot for me. And I was certainly right!

What keeps me coming back to Torque is the new challenge every workout brings and the sense of accomplishment after you finish the workout

My proudest accomplishment thus far is finishing the Hero workout “Murph” on Memorial Day Weekend! Not only do I respect that fallen soldier by doing the workout with the CrossFit community, I also put myself through the hardest workout I’ve ever done!! So finishing the Hero WOD ”Murph” was a great moment for me.

My biggest challenge would be my mobility; it definitely could be better! And successfully working on it especially in my personal training sessions with Coach Lea.

My favorite times/movements would have to be with Coach Lea! In are personal training sessions together she’s always very informative and has taught me a lot and always makes it fun! I can’t thank her enough for it!

Some advice I would give to someone that is hesitant about starting a CrossFit journey is just go for it!! No matter if you’re the best athlete in the room or not, we all started somewhere!

If I could have a super power it would probably be to fly so I don’t have to be in traffic anymore!

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