Dehydration Prevention

The human body is made up of about 70% water. Water is found in our skin, blood, cells and our organs. 

It is so important to drink water every day so that our body can perform the way it is meant to. 

How much water is recommended? A good starting point is to drink half your body weight in ounces of water. Depending on what your current water intake is, it may be more realistic to add in an extra 4-8 ounces each day to work up to your estimated water intake goal. 

This is just a recommendation- if you find you are urinating too frequently and you know you are hydrated- then it is possible you could reduce the amount a little. Everyone’s nutrition goals are personal and should be individualized to them. 

With all that being said, dehydration is no joke. It stresses the body, can raise body temperature, increases difficulty concentrating and exercise will feel harder. It can also present itself as symptoms of chronic fatigue, headaches and lethargy (brain fog).

Take a moment and think about all of the liquids you typically drink in a day. Do you drink mostly water? Are you drinking soda? Juice? Coffee? If more of your beverages are not water, then be mindful of that and try to make a conscious effort to increase your water intake.

My advice? Make changes in small steps so you succeed. For example, if you drink 2 sodas each day, try to initially swap one out for water. Then cut down to 3-4 sodas per week and continue to increase your water consumption to eventually eliminate the sugary beverage consumption.

Drink water every day to keep yourself hydrated. 

Whenever we want to make sustainable changes it takes time and consistency!


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