Do you really need all of that?

When you walk into your kitchen do you see calm or chaos? Do you have multiple pieces of equipment that you don’t use taking up quality real estate on your countertop?

If you want to be successful with your nutrition journey then you have to take a good look at your kitchen. Try to de-clutter your countertops to create more of an organized and calm space. With constant mess, you will feel like you can never get ahead and it can actually affect your mood in a negative way.

You will feel more in control if you follow these tips!1. Gather up things that don’t belong in the kitchen and REMOVE THEM. This includes clothes, mail, keys, dog toys etc. If the item does not permanently live in your kitchen then move it to its appropriate home. 2. Tackle the large appliances. Larger appliances take up a larger amount of real estate on the counter. The toaster oven, Crockpot, stand mixer, coffee maker, convection oven, and air fryer are to name a few. Try to only keep the appliances you use on a daily basis on the countertop. This will free up more space. For me personally, my microwave is over the stove, we have a coffee maker and a stand mixer that stays on the counter at all times. We pull out the other appliances (like the blender, crockpot) only when we are going to use them. I also don’t have a very large kitchen so I really try to limit my appliances. 3. Take inventory of your smaller kitchenware and purge what you don’t use. This includes spice racks, canisters, utensils, knife blocks, and anything else that seems to have a permanent home on your counters. If you have things sitting on your counters that you don’t remember when the last time you used it was, then you are better off throwing them away, selling or donating. 4. Keep you kitchen table clear! I am often guilty of using my kitchen table as a coat rack, an office, a spot where the mail magically lands, and other miscellaneous things. Your kitchen table should be for eating and gathering as a family over a meal. If the table is clear then it encourages this healthy behavior. 5. Maintain the cleanliness. Now that you have cleaned and organized your kitchen the challenge is to maintain it. You will be happier and more successful in your nutrition journey! 

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