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“I’ll just start fresh in January” … BUSTED

As the year winds down, it’s tempting to give into the call of holiday relaxation, promising ourselves that we’ll hit the gym hard come January. However, the decision to “start fresh” with the new year is laced with pitfalls that can set us back further than we realize. Let’s understand why now, more than ever, is the time to stick to our fitness resolutions.

Keep Moving Forward – Here’s Why:

  • Every Day Counts: Each day you stick to your routine contributes to your overall fitness and health. By remaining consistent, you’re not only maintaining progress but building upon it.
  • Metabolism Doesn’t Hibernate: Slacking off on your fitness regime can slow down your metabolism, making it tougher to manage weight during the holidays and beyond. Keep your metabolic fire burning by staying active.
  • Habit Formation: It takes time to build a habit but only a short time to break it. Sticking to your routine at least 80% of the time helps to solidify healthy habits that can last a lifetime.
  • The New Year’s Rush: Gyms are notoriously crowded in January. Don’t set yourself up to be the ‘newbie’ again at the gym. Continue your regular routine and avoid the struggle.
  • Physical and Mental Balance: Regular exercise can help you manage the emotional and psychological stresses of the holiday season, keeping you mentally and physically balanced.

By keeping the momentum going through the end of the year, you’re not just maintaining; you’re advancing your health and well-being. Don’t put off until January what will make you feel better today. After all, the greatest gift you can give yourself this holiday season is the continuation of your health and fitness journey.

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