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The Science of Consistency: Why Keeping Your Routine Now Matters More Than Ever!

The holiday season twinkles with festive spirit, and while it’s a time for joy and celebration, it’s also the season where fitness routines are pushed to the brink of collapse. But here’s a little-known secret: the real holiday magic lies in sticking to your workout and nutrition regimen. Before you decide to skip your next workout for a holiday movie marathon, let’s dive into why science says keeping up with your routine is a gift that keeps on giving.

Stick to Your Plan and Reap the Rewards:

  • Combat Holiday Stress: Exercise isn’t just about keeping off the holiday pounds; it’s a potent stress reliever. Regular workouts release endorphins, the body’s natural mood lifters, which are especially needed during the hustle and bustle of the holidays.
  • Boost Your Immune System: With the cold and flu season coinciding with the holidays, maintaining a regular exercise schedule is essential. Moderate, consistent activity can bolster your immune system, helping you to fend off seasonal sniffles.
  • Maintain Momentum: Consistency is key in fitness. Taking a break during the holidays can make it harder to return to your routine in January. Staying on track now means you won’t have to start from scratch later. (We’ll address this in our next post).
  • Balance is Possible: You can still enjoy the season’s treats. Adhering to your fitness and nutrition plan 80% of the time allows you to indulge without guilt during those special holiday moments.
  • Set a Positive Tone for the New Year: Instead of playing catch-up when the new year rolls around, maintaining your routine through the holidays sets a proactive and positive tone for the year ahead.

Remember, the holiday season is a marathon, not a sprint. Keeping your exercise and nutrition in check gives you the stamina to enjoy every moment without the January regrets.

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