“I’m Too Busy”

What does that even mean? ‘I’m too busy.’ 

Is it an excuse? Does it literally mean that you have 24hrs of your day entirely booked up and can’t think of another single thing you could do? 

YOU should be one of the most, if not THE most, important things in your life. 

You know when you get on an airplane and they are going over the safety instructions about the oxygen masks that will fall from above if the cabin loses air pressure? “Put your mask on before helping others with their mask.”

It is similar to life. 

You need to take care of yourself before you are expected to take care of others.  What is the value that you put on your own life?

We live in a time of schedules, routines, children drop off/pick-ups, errands, and countless other tasks that we are expected to complete before the day is over. 

So when do we take care of ourselves? 

The answer…….we need to MAKE TIME for it. 

Whether it’s food prepping or scheduling your workouts, it is so important to plan out time for our nutrition and exercise, or else it may not happen. 

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-Jamie RD LDN


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