It's the little things… whiteboards

It’s the little things…


“Okay class grab a whiteboard to keep track of your rounds and reps!”

Everyone heads over to grab their whiteboard, scribbling shorthand for the workout, and writing a bunch of dashes representing rounds yet to be completed.
As coaches, we have seen our fair share of organized whiteboards that are easy to follow. Those athletes are the first to respond their scores at the end of the workout.

There are those who draw on their whiteboard, maybe to keep them inspired, or reminders for what the movement is…
wod board drawings
Maybe it’s a reminder to keep going, take a breath.
mini whiteboard breathe
Maybe you leave a message for the end of the workout…survival or a feeling of death?
mini whiteboard Death
And then there’s those athletes who simply erase all of their dashes as they complete a round, only to be surprised at the end when they don’t know the exact number of rounds they completed.

“Hey Zack, what’d you get?”
“Um… 10ish something, oh I don’t know, it was one less than Smith?”

mini whiteboard how many rounds
It’s important that you know as an athlete what you accomplished in the given time. We all CrossFit to become healthier, happier and more fit humans. To be better Moms, Dads, Sisters, Brother, Uncle, Aunt, Grandma, Grandpa, Friend, Husband, Wife, Human Being. Knowing what we have accomplished will make us better.
Grab your whiteboard and organize it how you please, but give be ready to give the coach your correct score! Oh, and don’t forget to kick ass in the workout!

dont suck whiteboard

people working out in a group fitness class


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