Kettlebell Workshop, Refining the Basics!

Go To The Next Level With Hard Style Kettlebells – Refine The Basics!

Many people have their 2-handed swings down, but when they switch over to single arm work, it all falls apart. This workshop is all about dialing in the 2-handed swing then the single arm swing. Once you have that down, all the rest just gets that much easier. The single arm swing is the gateway to cleans, high pulls, the long cycle and snatches.
What Will You Learn:
• How to build off the Dead Lift, the Two Handed Swing and the Press!
• The Single Arm Swing—Offers more benefits due to its addition increased muscle demands
• The Clean – Showcases the hard style mix of relaxation and tension
• The Snatch – The ultimate in skilled cardio-vascular endurance
• Thrusters – Fantastic combo move made even better with kettlebells
• More KB Skills – High Pulls, Clean and Press, and more…
Great workshop for those athletes who that simply want to learn more techniques and gain more confidence with the Kettlebell!

Register here!  Cost: $35 if you pay before September 4; $50 after that. Spots limited to 20 athletes!
Instructor: StrongFirst Level II Todd M. Cambio, CSCS

Kettlebell Workshop

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