Monday 05/27/19 | Murph

Monday May 27 is Memorial Day!

We are only open for a few hours today (See below).

The only workout offered for this morning is called “MURPH” – it’s a CrossFit HQ Hero workout. Of course we will have scaling options available at the gym….
For time, complete:
1 Mile Run,
100 Pull-ups, 
200 Push-ups, 
300 Squats, 
1 Mile Run. 
There is a 1 hour time cap! 
(yes the running counts towards the may challenge!)
Feel free to partner up for this one too! 

You have two heat TIMES you can choose from and you must sign up for one of them at the gym!

A) Heat 1: Arrive at 8am; Workout starts at 8:20am on the dot. 
B) Heat 2: Arrive by 8:45am; Workout starts at 9:05am on the dot. 
Reminder, 1 hour hard time cap. 

*yes this counts as one of your membership group classes*

Thanks to Coach Charley for being the man and opening the gym on the holiday!

people working out in a group fitness class


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