More Motivated Than A Toddler?

Have you ever come face-to-face with a toddler who wants something? And is absolutely determined to get that? They seem pretty motivated and will do anything in their power to get it.

My Toddler has more Motivation than me. Where does that come from?

They have an intrinsic need to feel accomplished – to reach their goal. They don’t know anything else.

Why am I talking about my toddler? Because as we get older, that desire goes away. It’s not that the toddler wants that toy more than I want my weight loss. But there’s a difference. So how do we get our motivation back as an adult?

There’s a secret.

Ask anyone at the highest levels of fitness: Sometimes they don’t feel like working out. And those folks with ripped abs? They want a cupcake. Or maybe 3.

So why do they work out anyway? Why do they stick to their meal plan when things get tough?

The secret? Almost all of them have coaches.

Coaches are key to long-term success in any field but especially in fitness. You need to be accountable to an objective third party. Your partner will let you off the hook. Your coworkers don’t actually want you to succeed. And your friends don’t want you to change at all.

You need someone to:

*Remove the guesswork and tell you exactly what to do when.

*Get you results…FAST.

*Hold you Accountable. You can “ghost” someone over text, but you can’t miss appointments.

*Provide a “pain” for failure – that means you have to pay for coaching. If you don’t, there’s no real penalty for failure … and you’ll backtrack.

*Help you track everything: workouts, personal bests, food intake, sleep, mindfulness, and of course: wins!

*Remind you of your goals – the small ones you’ve accomplished and the big ones you’re working towards.

If you’ve struggled in the past but haven’t worked with a coach, you’re ready to try something new.

To find out how a coach can help you accomplish your health and fitness goals FAST, book a free consultation with us.

In our meeting, we’ll find out exactly what you want to accomplish, and then we’ll show you the perfect plan. And we’ll tell you how we can help you accomplish it. If it looks good to you, we’ll get started on working toward your goals together.

Remember: Doing it alone is hard. Doing it with a coach is much easier—and more fun.

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