November 2021 Member of the Month: Sarah Ouellette

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“Sarah is one of the most dedicated woman I know. Not only to her fitness, which she has always made a priority, but also to her family and her career. She has juggled taking care of two young boys while being a full-time nurse during the pandemic. Sarah has all the reasons to not make it into the gym. Instead, she is committed to coming and is always willing to work hard, even on very little sleep. I know as her coach she wants to improve and is happy to put in the time to do that. She is a joy to have in class and I look forward to seeing her every week.” -Coach Lea

Member Since: November 20, 2017.

I am originally from Maine. I’ve lived in 5 different states, but my partner, Caleb, and I settled in Foxboro just over 4 years ago right before we had our first son. He’s from RI and I work in Boston, so Foxboro was a great compromise and we love it here. We have two little boys that are 4 and 2! I work full time (rotating days & nights) as a nurse practitioner in the emergency department at MGH. My life is in constant chaos! We love to travel- visiting beaches, mountains and breweries! In my glory days, I was a 2 sport collegiate athlete (field hockey and softball) and I’ve run 6 marathons. I don’t distance run anymore, but I love to get out for short runs a couple times a week.

I had done CrossFit at a few other gyms and when I was ready to return to the gym after having my first baby, I was drawn to Torque. The schedule worked well for me and I liked the variety in the workouts. Right from the start, the coaches were amazing in helping me return to working out and helping me modify movements and workouts to keep me safe and motivated to come back.

My gym time is my time. I don’t have a lot of free time and for a couple of hour blocks a week, I can get into the gym, push my body and mind, be challenged to get out of my comfort zone (hello, rope climbs?!) and return to my family recharged. I like that with the coaches, we make goals together and regularly check in to see what is working and what still needs work.

This past year I competed in my first Open! The intramural vibe at the gym was awesome. I did a couple of the workouts Rx and I never thought that was a possibility for me.

I’m challenged when a movement is difficult for me. Gymnastics movements and double unders are not my strengths and I get frustrated when I can’t figure out a movement or I’m limited by my own body. Luckily, the coaches recognize this and help me work on little strengths and movements that will add up over time. (And they let me swear during double unders.)

I love the Turkish Get Up. It’s slow, controlled and challenging and I like to get heavy with it.

Get in to the gym and try! It’s daunting at first, but every single movement can be modified and adjusted and you will be surprised at your own strength. Everyone here wants to see you succeed. Plus, it’s fun! You get to flip tires!

I wish I had super speed to get through the mundane things of the day. But honestly, if I get through my day and everyone is fed, healthy and happy- I feel like a superhero.

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