Reacting and Responding

“So much of the distress we feel comes from reacting instinctually instead of acting with conscientious deliberation.” -Ryan Holiday

Everything around us is moving so fast. The world moves very fast.

With the driving force of social media so prevalent in our lives, there is a demand for us to move just as fast. To react immediately, to have an opinion and post it, before asking any questions.

I challenge you to slow down. It’s hard to actually solve problems quickly.

Speed vs. Clarity.

It’s hard to see the bigger picture (clarity) when moving fast (speed).

It’s hard to listen, contemplate and breathe.

It’s uncomfortable.

But it’s worth it.

Yes stand up for what you believe in, for justice and equality, for values and for our people. But just by standing, do we make actual progress? Can we still make progress by exploring options. This takes time, context and conversation. This is uncomfortable.


Social Media fuels the fire.

The world, and current US leader, lives by the speed of social media and twit ter.

As a leader in our community, my job is to take a deep breath.

My job is to educate myself more than I tweet or create a tik tok video.

My job is to ask more questions, than give answers.

My job is to demonstrate calm in the face of social media chaos.

Want to join me as a leader? Let’s make progress together.

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