September Athlete Focus: Craig R


August Athlete Focus:  Craig R

Craig is one of Torque’s early bird athletes and despite the early hour, he always shows up with a positive attitude and ready to work hard. It has been inspiring watching him increase his lifts and record great scores on the whiteboard when many people have yet to even wake up.

– Coach Meridien

Member since: March 17th, 2014
I live in Mansfield with my wife, 2-year-old son, dog, and a daughter on the way this November!  I’m originally from the Springfield Mass area and moved out here after college.  I work as an operations manager at General Dynamics in Taunton.  I like to golf in my free time (which hasn’t happened so often the last 2 years!) and like most people in the area I am a big Patriots fan.  I played football growing up and for a few years in college and learned the basics of most of the power lifts then.

What was it about CrossFit Torque that made you want to join?

I’ve always enjoyed Olympic lifting which is not really welcome in typical gyms.  I knew CrossFit was my best option.  I looked at several of the CrossFit locations in the area, and was drawn to Torque because they had recently opened the new facility.  The new facility and equipment itself was in better condition than any of the other locations and definitely drew my attention.  There were also a few different membership options that made it more flexible and affordable than any other location within 20 minutes of me.

What has kept you coming back to Torque, day after day??

The coaching.  I was familiar with most of the movements coming in to CrossFit from lifting in high school and college, but the attention to detail of the coaches at Torque helps me to continue to perfect each movement.  The coaches have a trained eye for each movement and help point out the slightest details that throw off my balance or timing.  Not only does this help me lift more weight, but helps to keep me safe and avoid injury which is important for me at the old age of 30.

What is your favorite thing about working out at Torque?

I get the most out of my time.  Between work, school, and a 2 year old (and another on the way) I don’t have the time to dedicate to working out like I used to.  I also enjoy working out with the group here at Torque.  I never get the same kind of intensity without the group and a coach motivating me.

What is your proudest accomplishment thus far?

Hard to say;  I think that I’ve been able to sustain the level of lifting for such a long period of time is what I’m most proud of.  I’d also say 175# Strict Press since that’s my only PR in the last 10 years but feel like I should also credit my new old-man strength for that.  That and saving the 5:15 class from the Paleo Power Meals delivery guy one morning.

What has been your biggest challenge?

Dead hang pull ups, but really anything where body weight is a factor.  I knew they would be a struggle when I started CrossFit.  I made some progress a while back but I think I’d need to drop my body weight to really get them down.

What is your favorite CF movement to do?

Power Cleans or Clean & Jerks all day

What piece of advice would you give to someone who is looking to start CrossFit but hasn’t yet?

Don’t focus on the short term #gainz and try to make it more of a way of life.  It’s the only way you will be able to sustain it.  Find a way to work it into your schedule and stick to it as best as you can.  Also don’t expect to see major progress if you leave CrossFit and drink 3 IPA’s every day (don’t worry I’ve tested this theory for all of us).  You don’t have to follow the Paleo diet perfectly, but I can say from experience it makes a huge difference even if you can do about 90% of it.

“Craig is that athlete who works on the stuff no one else wants to take the time to do. For months in a row, every morning he would show up 15-20 minutes before class and grab a set of parallettes to work on his l-sit’s while stretching in-between sets. It’s quite unusual to find (a) an athlete arriving to class that early and (b) them utilizing that time to improve themselves with the ‘not-so-sexy’ CrossFit exercises! Keep it up Craig!”

– Coach & Owner Amanda

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