What is Health?

     What is health?  What does it mean to actually be and feel healthy?  Is it strong muscles and athletic performance?  Is it smart nutritional choices, or is it something less apparent like a positive mental state, or a level of inner confidence that can’t necessarily be measured?  Now the question is, what are you doing to either achieve that health or maintain it?  Is it meal planning and prepping?  Is it adding more fruits and veggies into your diet, or is it surrounding yourself with like-minded people who share your struggles, but also share your  goal of feeling “healthy”?

     For some of us, finding that courage to initiate that first step can be challenging, whether it’s the first step you have ever taken towards better health, or a directional shift back into a healthy lifestyle.  It has been a challenging and extremely stressful year and a half, one where our priorities, which were once very defined, now paint a more, “l’m not really sure what tomorrow or next week might look like, so let’s just get through today” picture. We all managed, and are still managing the day to day “new normal”.   As we redirect into a slightly clearer state, we all now have the opportunity to look back at where we were, look at where we are now, and make the decision of, “is this really where I want to be?”.  

     Now circle back to our definition of “healthy”.  Let’s start with healthy habits.  Working on a healthy schedule, one where you can attach yourself to, and offer a sense of structure to your life, is a good place to start.  Being able to then carve out a small piece of the day for your well being is a big part of that as well.  Whether it’s an hour of quiet meditation, a walk, or a little time with a book, these small changes can offer larger positive changes within.  Finding a supportive community whose ideas and priorities about health and wellness align with yours is another huge step in creating a healthy lifestyle for yourself.  

    For myself, and for all of those that I have the pleasure of knowing and coaching at CrossFit Torque, this is the supportive community that I need and crave.  Each and every athlete in there has a bottom line; feel healthy and feel better.  The steps they all took that led them through our doors might not have all landed on the same course, but they ended up at the same finish line.  Torque, a place where everyone knows who you are.  A community led by an incredibly supportive staff that knows you better than you might know yourself when you are there for your hour of your day.  It is an opportunity to be in a safe and accepting space.  And for anyone who struggles with wellness, Torque is the first place I’d recommend for you to find a group of people, a “family”, to listen, and to accept that we are all of a different pace towards our goals. A place where simply “getting in there for your hour” is the biggest and most important step, and is usually followed by and enthusiastic fist or elbow bump!  

     Within this community you will find an unparalleled depth of knowledge from the Coaching Staff.  I had an athlete a few months back approach me about some chronic pain and tightness in his hips and lower back.  He was at his wits end with how to help himself feel better.  As a Coach, you want to do what is best for your athletes, even if that “best” might not necessarily be what the athlete really wants to do.  This is where the trust that we build between ourselves and our athletes comes into play.  After some direction, and a little grunting and groaning, we came up with a game plan.  He committed his time and his efforts to small changes in his fitness routine, and focused less on the weights and more on bettering his overall mobility.   He held himself accountable to this plan, and it has drastically improved how he feels not only when he is at Torque, but outside as well.  He can’t tell me enough how much better he feels!  We are here as a Staff to make you feel better, and BE better, no matter what.  

     Bob-tailing on this amazing story are the GOAT sessions that I’ve been hosting these past few weekends.  As athletes we all have movements that we might not necessarily love, more because they’re hard and we can’t do them with the greatest of ease.  These sessions grab some of those specific movements and break them down step by step.  Within the hour the athletes are prepped and educated on how to better improve upon the movement at hand.  We’ve covered the squat, and the kipping pull-up.  There are a few more to come to lead us into this year’s Intramural Open so we have as many tools in our arsenal to tackle any of the workouts that might show up.  As a Coach, our primary focus is the bettering of each and every athlete, and through these past GOAT sessions I have watched some pretty amazing athletes do pretty amazing things.  They experienced that “wow, so that’s how it’s supposed to feel” moment, which is a huge boost!   

     Does this sound like a place that could be right for your first step?  Are you a former member of our Community that reads this and says, “you know what, I need that in my life again.  I need positive change, I need a support group,  I need to start feeling good again.  Our doors are always open, and our phones are never on silent!  Reach back out to us!  Stop by for a visit!  There are so many new faces, so many new and amazing people to meet and chit chat with all while getting back to feeling and being healthy!  

-Coach Sara

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