WODependence Day!

WODependence Day

Partner Throw Down 

When: Tuesday, July 3rd from 8-10:30am. 
Last year was our inaugural event with over 30 athletes participating. This year we want more! This is your chance to workout with a friend who you might not see a whole lot, or one that you do! It will be three workouts over the 2.5 hour time period. Before you ask, yes we will have scaling and modification options. No stress over the event; it’s meant to be fun and bring everyone together for the 4th of July holiday!
To recap: what it will consist of: three workouts with your partner – don’t have a partner? Show up and we will find you one or do a team of 3! 
Workouts are attaches (thanks Carey for the image)! 
It will be a fun time, and the only time we are actually open on Tuesday (closed Wednesday July 4). 
Start finding your partners now and add your name to the Sign-up list at the gym!
​Amanda & TorqueNation Staff​
Event #1: “Are You Done Yet, Part 2”
60 Deadlifts, partner holds unused barbell (75/55#) in deadlift hang position,
40 Front Squats, partner holds unused barbell (75/55#) in front rack position,
20 Jerks, partner holds unused barbell (75/55#) overhead.
Event #2: “Why did we sign up for this?”
For Time (execute reps how you please):
200 Double-Unders,
100 Kettlebell Swings (53/35#),
50 Cal Row,
25 Box Jumps (30/24″).
15 min time cap.
Event #3: Synchronized Zachary Tellier (Hero workout).
For Time:
10 synchronized Burpees.
10 synchronized Burpees & 25 Push Ups.
10 synchronized Burpees & 25 Push Ups & 50 Lunges (total).
10 synchronized Burpees & 25 Push Ups, 50 Lunges (total), & 100 Sit-ups.
10 synchronized Burpees & 25 Push Ups, 50 Lunges (total), 100 Sit-ups, & 150 Air Squats.
*Burpees are synchronized with your partner; all other movements can be partitioned how you please. 20 min time cap*

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