Your Coaches Brain, Behind the Scenes

Ever wonder what your coach really means when they say…

“Let me see one more” or “show me one more rep”This is what your coach will say when they were trying to watch what you were doing but accidentally zoned out. So they say, hmm let me see one more. Or maybe they think they know what’s wrong but need to verify by seeing it again. If your coach says this isn’t true, they’re lying.

“That’s… a little better”This one is a classic, it means that your coach asked you to fix something that you were doing, but ultimately didn’t fix it as well as you could have. But your coach has decided that either that is how good it will get today or that it’s time to move on and check back in later (provided it is not a safety risk of course.)

“Try getting little lower on this next one”This means that the previous rep was blatantly not below parallel, and we desperately want you to squat lower because we know you can do it. So please do it.

“Does anyone have any questions” – This is my favorite, what we’re essentially asking is; Who was not listening to anything I just said and can I please repeat myself for you so you don’t ask me frantically in the middle of the WOD.

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“Have you tried?” – This is what you’ll hear when you tell your coach that you can’t do something (injuries and conditions withheld), without even attempting it in any fashion. Your coach will say this to remind you to actually try before writing it off as impossible. But your coach also knows your current physical capabilities and wouldn’t ask you to try if they didn’t think you had a shot.

“Let’s grab whiteboards so we can keep track of our workout! I know when my heart is pounding I can’t count to 3…” (or something similar) – None of you can count to 3 when your heart rate is low, much less when it’s high, so grab a whiteboard and keep track of your workout.

Magic School Bus Ms Frizzle feat
“Does anyone need to use the bathroom before we leave?” – We are all about to embark on a journey of fitness and self-discovery, so I’m asking now while there’s time, for you to go to bathroom, while deep down knowing 3 of you will still go as soon as I pick up the remote to start the clock.

“Let’s get everything wiped down and put away!” – This one is pretty self explanatory, yet some people still miss the mark… It means wipe down and put all your shit away, back, where you found it. Exactly, where you found it.

Now you all have a little insight into your coaches mind and what they really mean when they say certain things.
Happy WODding,

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