4 Steps to Add Daily Mobility

We all know mobility is part of the foundational success of being as health as possible. The need to be able to perform basic human functions without limitations or pain should be a priority.

So why is it so hard to add into our daily routine?

Maybe because it isn’t as ‘sexy’ as lifting a heavy barbell, or running a fast 5k time. Or maybe it’s because there’s no one holding us accountable or telling us what to do.

But we can promise you that treating your body like a wonderland (cue John Mayer’s song) will provide limitless benefits.

Whether you’re a CrossFit client or someone in your sixties who has trouble rotating to look over their shoulder when backing up their car in the parking lot, you are in need of some mobility love in your life.

Let’s maximize ourselves. Here are four steps.

Step 1: creating a trigger, mentally.

Take a step back and look at your day. Where is there 7-10 minutes where you can say “this is when I can focus on me”. Maybe it’s right when you wake up. Maybe it’s before lunch. Or who knows, maybe it’s while the chicken is cooking in the oven at dinner time. Mark this time as the ‘mobility time’.

Step 2: multi-task!

Do you know the average person spends 1 hour and 22 minutes on Social Media daily. That’s 82 minutes that can be utilized better. How about we take 10 of those minutes and mobilize at the same time? Sit at the bottom of a squat and scroll. What’s better than that?

Step 3: accountability partner!

Tell someone about your mobility goals. There’s a better chance you’ll follow through with them because no one ever wants to let anyone else down. Or, what if this person worked on their mobility with you? If they live in the same house, it’s perfect. Different household? Give them a call and catch up on life, or set a timer and text each other when you start and finish.

Step 4: if you’re finding yourself not as successful as you want during steps 1-3, start back at 1 and try again. If that doesn’t work, reach out to us here at CrossFit Torque and one of our Coaches can keep you accountable in our Online Coaching program.

Don’t skip out on mobility. Allocate time and hold yourself accountable. Start small and increase time spent as the days go by. You’ll see the benefits next time you go to do an air squat at the 5am class.

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