A Sweeter Sweet Potato

We wanted to share with you a recipe that one of our mother-in-law’s told us about many years ago.

Comment below if you end up loving this just as much as we do!

A Sweeter Sweet Potato

Wrap sweet potato in one layer of a paper towel.

Slightly wet the paper towel, and then wrap in saran wrap/plastic wrap.

Microwave until cooked through (baked potato consistency) – typically can be 4-6 minutes for a medium sized potato.

Careful when taking it out of the microwave, it will be steamy hot!

Slice the potato completely in half the long way into two pieces.

Then cut the long way down the inside of each half, but not all the way through, then small slices the opposite way, making it look like “railroad tracks”.

We season the sweet potato with a little cinnamon and sugar mix, but you can put just plain cinnamon on it, or nothing at all is also pretty good too.

On skillet (or pan if you don’t have one) put about a tablespoon of coconut oil in, and when melted, place both halves of the potato in the pan, exposed pink side down.

Cook on medium heat until they are slightly charred.  Use tongs to check the sweet potato every few minutes – you want the potato to be slightly “burnt”, that’s where the sweetness happens!


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