Confessions of a CrossFitting Chiropractor

Confessions of a CrossFitting Chiropractor Event Summary


~This is Coach Amanda’s best attempt at providing a summary of what you missed out on if you couldn’t make last Saturday’s event! 


Dr. Jamielee from Harmony Chiropractic, one of our #TorqueNation athletes, sat down with our community of athletes on Saturday May 19, 2018. The goal was to educate and discuss how we can better take care of our bodies after we put them through grueling CrossFit workouts.

There was a TON of information provided to us from Dr. Jamielee and we didn’t even scratch the surface. She wanted to make sure we understood what type of chiropractic care she provides to athletes, while discussing the reputation general chiropractic care typically receives.

After an active demonstration from the crowd, we were able to see how the brain sends messages throughout the spine to the different destinations, and how if there is a misalignment somewhere along the way the message takes longer to get there, and sometimes is even disrupted even more.

She spoke to us about how chiropractic care plays into our Posture, Muscles, Mobility and Neuro; but more importantly, how those topics play into how she treats her patients. The overall goal of the talk was to educate our athletes on how to optimize their efforts within the gym walls. If we think we are going at 100%, but our bodies are really only firing at 65%, we are missing out on a lot of potential greatness!

Thank you so very much to Dr. Jamielee for taking care of our athletes; we are very fortunate to have you in our lives! And, please, stay tuned for Dr. Jamielee’s follow up blog post, where she will make more sense than I did!

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