November 2022 Member of the Month: The Chief!

Member Since October 12, 2021

“I’ve enjoyed having the opportunity to coach Chief, and he is a great addition to our community! He moves well, focuses on form over PR’ing, takes feedback and applies it, and always gives his best. He is very welcoming and engaging, and can often be found chatting with other members about life experiences, tattoos or the joy of burpees snatching. His great attitude and work ethic make coaching him a pleasure!”

-Coach Brian

     My life has really slowed down a lot for almost three years now, as a retired Senior Chief Petty Officer of the Coastal Riverine Squadron out of Newport, RI for 27 years. I love dogs, and thought about getting into dog grooming as part of my retirement. 

     I was at a different CrossFit before Torque, and a change in their schedule had me on a search for a new place. My search led me to Torque which is on my way home from work. As luck would have it, a perfect choice!

     What keeps me coming back to Torque is the coaching! They are always engaging, watching for proper form. Having thick skin, I appreciate being encouraged, pushed, to do “so many more reps/ keep going” and so on. That may allow me at least one more rep / one second quicker. I like that motivation. Not everyone thrives off of that, but I do.

     My greatest challenge is dealing with the inability to perform as I did years ago. Hey, it happens with a very physical life in the service along with my current position as a Marine Technician where I service commercial and private boats along with maintainance, repairing diesels andgas engines along with systems and electronics. Not moving my body would be worse, so I keep coming back!

     My favorite movement is the Snatch!! Although anything with a Barbell is fun to me.

     If you are thinking about CrossFit Torque – think no more – go in and try it! Whatever your fitness level, you will see positive changes to yourself. And speaking from my personal experience, having CrossFit in my life certainly assists me in what I do today asMarine Technician.

      Don’t be intimidated. The coaches will modify movements, weight, style of cardio to allow you to accomplish the workout. And I’m sure you will get motivated from those you workout next to. 

     Last but not least, if I had a superpower it would be super strength.

The Chief
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