Saturday 110820 "Ninja Day"

Hang Squat Snatch, 12pm Tues 8-16-11

Press, 4:30pm class Wed 8-17-11

Deadlift, 4:30pm class Wed 8-17-11

Backsquat, 5:30pm class Wed 8-17-11

Backsquat, 5:30pm class Wed 8-17-11

Updated WOD results from Tues 8-16-11

WOD Results from Wed 8-17-11

WOD Results from Thurs 8-18-11

Today you will start down the path to becoming an official CrossFit Torque Ninja…
Aren’t you excited?!
Most of the day will be spent focusing on bodyweight related movements.
First will be using the rings in ways you never thought possible…
Wide Ring Support
Ring Plank
Ring Fly
Ring Extension
& Others..
Sir Ninja Kenny has more on the schedule, by why give away all of the fun?!
Post whatever you want to the comments section – how did you feel about the first step in Ninja training?

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