“Small changes, big wins”

Sara, today when I got in the car to go to the airport I noticed I didn’t have to use my right hand to support my left arm when I was closing the car door. That’s a “win” to me! Just thought I would share.

Meet Torque Online Coaching client Dee L. Dee, 70, and the mom of one of Coach Amanda’s business associates, has been an active member of a ForeverFit class though a local CrossFit in Louisana. And, like a lot of us, had that taken away due to Covid. Searching for an alternate way of staying active, she found the world of Online Coaching.

In addition to staying active, Dee was also looking for a focused strengthening program designed specifically towards regaining range of motion, strength and mobility in a recently repaired rotator cuff.

Dee is now in her 5th week of online programming and has seen small, but significant improvement in her shoulder strength and stability. Now she can spread out her daily tasks over both arms not just one!

Go Dee!

If you, or anyone you know, struggles with basic daily function due to small muscle weakness, or anyone who is looking to just better themselves in a specific area, shoot me an email at sara@crossfittorque.com.

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