Thank You

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! ​

The 5 week Open is over…take a read below whether you participated or not!


​Thank you to all the athletes who put in 100% each week. You all had moments of surprising yourself, and moments of “if only…” – Both are moments we can learn from and grow as better athletes! Each of us has something to work on for the 2019 Open! Let’s not wait until the month before though, start making a list now of what you want to improve on and make an appointment to work on them weekly with a coach! 


​Thank you to the ​Coaches! ​ ​Each one of your Coaches is extremely invested in your success, physically and emotionally. The time spent inside and outside of class, working with and texting with athletes does not go unnoticed! The extra time spent judging athletes is much appreciated!
Thank you to those members who came early to class, stayed late, came back later in the day to cheer on and judge their friends! The support shown within this community is tremendous. 
Thank you to Carey and all those who took photos throughout the 5 weeks!
Thank you to the sponsors who made the tee-shirts and tanks possible! 
*TorqueNation – your support system throughout all of the Open. Officially week 1 sponsor. 
*Ink’d – sponsor of week 2! The shirts and tanks were printed just at Ink’d! They are your one-stop shop for any size orders for your custom prints! For more information on Ink’d, please check out their website – drop in to their store and Print on the spot! Create your own or use one of their funny sayings!


*Chace Building Supply – sponsor of week 3! Chace is your one-stop shop for home improvement! Check out their hardware, lumber, kitchens, paint and more. Conveniently located next to the gym!​ Torque members receive a ‘family n friends discount’ for shopping there!


*Rocco’s Roofing – sponsor of week 4! For more information, please check out their website! Rocco’s is your local trustworthy roofing experts! Extremely professional and knowledgeable – They recently did my home and were done in less than a day! The owner Joe is awesome!​


*Dunkin’ & TorqueNation – week 5 sponsors! Thank to Dunkin for the donuts last Friday!

Also supporting The Open this year was Jason Kipp Plumbing and Heating!​ Contact him for your needs via email: JKippPlumbing@gmail.comor 508-369-3928 


Check out Coach Jake’s blog post on the past 5 weeks!  


​Looking forward to next year!

CrossFit Torque Coaches and Staff


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