Thursday 110407 "Death by Clean"

“Death by Clean”
1 Squat Clean on 1st minute
2 Squat Cleans on 2nd minute
3 Squat Cleans on 3rd minute ….
Continue for as long as possible, completing the squat cleans within the specified minute.
For example on the 6 minute mark, you must complete 6 squat cleans within that same minute
Post your results to comments.
After WOD:
Max rep Toes-to-Bars x 3 Sets
50 V-ups in as few sets as possible
Post your results for toes-to-bars and v-ups to comments.
Pictures from yesterday 04/06/2011

Some Rowing + Some Alternating Jumping Lunges = Great Wednesday!

After the Rowing WOD is over...


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