Welcome new Coach Jen!

We are thrilled to announce the new addition to our Torque Team: Jen Lee!

At Torque we will always strive to recruit the best in not only the industry, but in diverse areas of expertise! Please welcome Jen to the team! Jen has 20 plus years as a Fitness Professional!

“I’ve been coaching teaching or doing fitness my whole life. It’s not a destination, but a journey that I choose everyday. Every chapter of my life from being a high school and college athlete, to being pregnant, to being a mom, from staying at home, to working full time,  have all had different performance and fitness goals.

Your journey will be different from someone else’s, your limits, your whys, so focus on you. Before my journey brought me to Torque, I had spent time in college weight rooms in strength and conditioning, sports camps,  family  readiness programs in the military, Spartan SGX obstacle course programs, FIT Challenge fitness events and workouts and kickboxing studios.

I’ve worked with kids in kids workout tours, PE classes, and in dance studios teaching mobility and strength. Ive worked at the YMCA with middle school kids on ropes courses to promote team building in an anti-bullying program (very rewarding!) and I’ve built obstacle courses, helped put on fitness events such as trail races, outdoor fitness and obstacle courses. 

I’m excited to be a part of the Torque Fitness Community and to grow and learn from all the members here and to bring some of my experiences in fitness to you.” – Coach Jen

You’ll see Jen coaching Adult Classes, putting new Members through our On-Ramp Program, and training Members on a private Personal Training basis. If you are looking for the private setting, want more work with the Kettlebell or training for your next obstacle race, Jen is your Coach! 30-45-60 min appointments are available! Email us Admin@CrossFitTorque.com

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